in Reykjavík

Your passengers will never know we were there.
Choose bunkering by oil barge the next time your
ships visit Reykjavík

3 main reasons

Quiet, convenient,
and flexible.
Service any time

Fast flow rate,
up to 400 m3/hour

Load and offload
your vessel whilst

Out of
Out of Mind

– And a whole lot more
convenient for
your passangers

  • Environmentally friendly distribution
  • Convenient deliveries
  • Capacity for large deliveries
  • Fast flow rate up to 400 m / hour
  • High flexibility
  • Simultaneous loading and offloading of the vessel
  • Sludge and waste oil removal whilst bunkering

Quietly we slip away.Unless you are a member of the crew – you would never know we had been there.

See you again next time